Strategy in casino games and pokies

Casino games strategy with pokiesStrategies of online casino games that have been tested for many years, based on the principle of probability calculation, are a tried and tested method of minimizing risks.

While casino games are largely based on chance, their influence can be mitigated by various strategies. You can try your luck with random bets, but our strategy is to guarantee you a secure win.

Roulette strategies

If you already know how roulette works, you can use this knowledge to reduce the risk of loss. Read about the most commonly used strategies and try them out in free online roulette or with real stakes.

Strategies for BlackJack

The most effective strategy to increase your chances of winning in a black jack is the strategy of counting bad cards. In a real casino, they try to expose players who use this strategy, which is punished by sanctions and a ban on entering the casino. Read more about this strategy and try it safely at online casinos.

Poker strategies

In online poker, neither your facial expression nor your drumming on the table sell. Read our tips and rules and try them out safely at online casinos and get them rewarded.

Online pokies

Traditional pokie machines give back 80% of the money thrown in real arcades, which means that for every thousand you put in, you get only 800 forints. For online slots, this payout ratio is much higher, up to 97.3%, which is a 17% higher chance of winning. It is therefore much more profitable to play online pokies at gambling sites like Fair Go or Playamo..


You can minimize the risk by betting on “Pass line”, “Don’t pass line”, “Come” and “Don’t come”. If you bet on this system, the casino has no chance of earning more than 1.52%.


Advantages of Online Bingo Over Traditional Bingo First of all, it minimizes the human error factor by automatically selecting the numbers drawn, and second, it allows you to play multiple segments at once, thus multiplying your chances of winning. You can choose from several locations on JokaRoom Australian site, such as where players play with the same number of bets as you have, so that your chances are level.