Neosurf Casinos Australia – Vouchers, cards

Neosurf casinos Australia 2021Neosurf is a prepaid card that allows you to shop online in a simple, secure and anonymous way. There are 2 ranges of cards. A “classic” range for adults and another “minor” for children.

This prepaid card can be purchased at the cash counter at NeoSurf retailers (in particular tobacconists and tobaccos) in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Andorra, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Cameroon, Congo Mali and Australia.

How does Neosurf voucher work?

After purchasing your ticket, scratch the space on the back of the Neosurf card to reveal the 10-digit PIN. It will be used to validate your purchases on the Internet.

With Neosurf, you never lose the credit you can have on a map. You can switch the credit of an old card to a new one at any time. It is as popular among Australian players as POLi or Credit Cards.

Withdrawal of Neosurf funds with NeoCash

If you have a Myneosurf account, you have the electronic wallet. And like any wallet, this account is used for money, cash out, stock, and game budget management.

In 2011, the group Neosurf Cards SAS decided to facilitate our transactions by offering us a rechargeable credit card. To concretize this service and make it absolutely legal, Neosurf has chosen as a MasterCard partner. The NeoCash MasterCard has appeared at our newsagents and tobacconists.

Its operation is exactly the same as that of the Net + card and if you have one, you know that you had to provide as documents to obtain the Neteller MasterCard.

Neocash, how does it work

The Neocash will serve us to withdraw at the counters but also to recharge beyond 100 AUD. On the other hand, it will be necessary to provide proof of identity such as copies of invoices. However you will never be asked to provide your bank details.

Point-of-Sale transactions and online transactions are free of charge, but if you withdraw your earnings with your Neocash MasterCard to the distributor, there will be a fee.

Also note that if you charge your Neocode Neocode ticket, the costs are between 2 AUD and 7%, however if you choose to provide it by credit card or transfer, there is only 1 AUD fee + 1.5 %

What are the benefits of Neosurf prepaid card?

  • No credit card number to communicate
  • No registration required
  • Protection of minors through the range of Neosurf cards ‘Minors’
  • Total control of your purchases (balance carry forward, follow-up of the purchases, consultation of balance)
  • Earn Neomiles while shopping (Neomiles) to redeem for gifts

Online casinos nowadays offer very diversified means of payment. To help you to switch to another payment method that will be more adapted to your needs, we suggest you to discover the operating principle of an online casino accepting Neosurf.

What is a Neosurf online casino?

An online casino accepting Neosurf is a platform that takes payment through the Neosurf payment system. The payment system Neosurf is well known in the world of online casinos (one such example is Fair Go online casino) since it is one of the most effective ways to benefit from a virtual wallet. Once you have registered for the Neosurf system for free, simply recharge it through your bank account. It should also be noted that some online payment sites accept Neosurf even though the tool remains primarily dedicated to online casinos and there are more and more accepting it. JokaRoom, Playamo, Planet7Oz, EMU and many others.

Neosurf casinos in practice

In practice, some online casinos offer payment exclusively through this system while others accept a multitude of systems including Neosurf. Once you have selected the online casino that interests you, simply go to the “account” section of the latter where you can select the type of payment you want and the way you want to be paid. If your casino accepts it, just enter your Neosurf details in the dedicated page and you can play with your Neosurf account.

What is the benefit of using Neosurf voucher as a means of payment?

Neosurf is a platform that is secure and will be a very good “buffer” to receive your funds without disclosing your bank details. Indeed, by entering a system of this type, you avoid disclosing your details directly to your online casinos. Nowadays, attacks by hackers being more numerous, it is not uncommon to see its bank details broadcast or pirated because some online casinos are not platforms that are very secure. To do this, it is good to go through an international provider like Neosurf or Paypal then make transfers to your bank account. Also, some online casinos Neosurf will offer you significant bonuses up to doubling your stake in case of deposits on these platforms.