Big pokie wins Australia – Progressive jackpots

Big pokie wins Australia - Progressive jackpot slotsIn the words of the very wise Roman Philosopher Seneca, “Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity”. In the hit and miss world of online gambling, or gambling of any sort, this translates to “if you don’t play, you can’t win”. Now in some casino games there is skill involved, although there is always a tint of luck involved with those as well.

With regards to Online Pokies/Slots at Fairgo Online Casino most of these are games of luck and chance, and if you don’t put the coins into the machine, then you will NEVER EVER win the big jackpot with FairGo or Ozwin. In reality chances are that you will not win the huge Progressive Jackpots, but you can win at playing the various online casino games at Fair GO, JokaRoom, EMU or Pokie Pop.

Can I Win at Fair GO on a Daily Basis?

Those who make a “living” from gambling online or at the land-based casinos do so not by winning the big jackpots but through grinding it out day after day. Now you don’t need to play every day, but there is a chance to make great money through weekly wins and bonuses.

Fairgo offers hundreds of casinos games which afford real money players opportunities to not only make money, but to enjoy themselves in the process. The variety and originality of the casino games are enough to make Fairgo your number one online casino sites.

How Much can I Win at Fair GO?

IF you go to the Fairgo homepage, you will see the running list of players who have recently won at a variety of casino games. The amounts range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. The running ticker gives you a good idea as to what’s at what you’re missing by not playing while sitting on the sidelines hoping that your luck will change, even without playing.

Here is a list of recent winners as of February 2020:

$14,000.00 Keno Mathew C.
$30,000.00 Pay Dirt Liya D.
$28,416.00 Shanghai Lights Joshua H.
$24,000.00 Kung Fu Rooster Mark J.
$20,790.00 Ghost Ship Daniel P.
$19,642.00 Crystal Waters Olivia P.

All these wins are from popular casino games as well as some not so popular. What a nice surprise it would be to win $14,000 playing Keno. Of course, all these people would have liked to win the Progressive Jackpot, but those wins are few and far between.

Do these types of Online Casino Wins occur Frequently?

Yes, they do and all you need to do is to go to the Fair Go Online Casino homepage, and you will see the running ticker at the bottom of the page for daily updates. 99% of the wins at the online casinos are these types of wins and not the big Jackpot wins. Think about how many times at a land-based casino that you’ve seen someone win a huge jackpot? The wins are usually a few hundred or a thousand dollars.

All of the casino games on the Fair GO site can be played in free demo mode, although if you want to experience the real excitement of playing casino games, then you need to sign up, make a deposit with POLi, creditcards or Neosurf and start playing. Luck will not come knocking at your do when you are sitting on the sidelines!